Organizing Committee 2023

Prof. Dr. Marcelo Farina (Coordinator PPGBQA – Experimental Neuropathology Laboratory)
Prof. Dr. Manuella P. Kaster (Sub-coordinator PPGBQA – Translational Neuroscience Laboratory)
Prof. Dra. Joana Gaspar (Neuroimmune Metabolism Laboratory)
Prof. Dr. Alcir Dafré (Cellular Defenses Laboratory)
Prof. Dr. Carlos Peres Silva
(Biochemistry of Insects Laboratory)

Barbara Santos (Ph.D. student – Cancer Biochemistry and Pharmacology Laboratory)
Caibe Alves Pereira (Ph.D. student – Translational Neuroscience Laboratory)
Claudia Daniele Bianco (Ph.D. student – Laboratory of Biochemistry and Cell Signaling)
Laura Borba (Ph.D. student – Neurobiology of Depression Laboratory)
Melania Santer (Ph.D. student – Translational Neuroscience Laboratory)
Pedro Borges (Ph.D. student – Neurobiology of Depression Laboratory)
Samira Ibrahim (Ph.D. student – Biochemistry of Insects Laboratory)

For more information, you can contact the organizing committee at and check our social media @ppgbqa.ufsc (Instagram) and the website