Abstract submission – 2019

Abstract will be per peer reviewed and limited to one  per participant.

Abstract submission deadline: 31/08/2019

Before submmiting the abstract first, make your registration at FEESC web page and then, submit the abstract to: curtoabstract@gmail.com

Format – Provide a Word format document with 350 words, following the model: Times new roman 11, Page A4, Margins: 3 cm left/right, and 2 cm up/down. Select to participate in oral presentation/poster award/topic/ submit information enclosed in the abstract file.


Poster size: poster must be at maximum 90 cm x 120 cm!!! The layout is not standardized, provided it does not exceed maximum poster size!


1Author Surname A.A.*; 2Author Surname B.B. … (* – Indicates the presenting author)

1Address, E-mail: yyy@yyy.yyy (only for the presenting author); 2Address.


The abstract is limited to 350 words and should briefly present the state of the art and the main objectives, short presentation of methods, the achieved results and a conclusion.

Key words: first, second, third … up to 6.


—————————————- Accompanying information ————————————

  1. Participation in the oral/platform presentation selection: 

(    ) YES

(    ) NO


  1. Participation in the poster award selection:

(    ) YES

(    ) NO


  1. Select one of the following topics:
  1. (  ) OMICs;
  2. (  ) Structure and function of proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates and lipids;
  3. (  ) Signaling;
  4. (  ) Biomolecules and the environment;
  5. (  ) Biomolecules and diseases;
  6. (  ) Biotechnological applications of biomolecules;
  7. (  ) Others: ……………………………….

Contact the Organizing Committee: curtobiochemistry@gmail.com

Abstract matters: curtoabstract@gmail.com