Abstract Submission – 2021

Abstracts will be peer-reviewed and limited to one per participant.

Abstract submission: 

Deadline: October 24th, 2021
—> Abstract submission postponed until October 29th

Before submitting your abstract, make your registration in: Registration Link

Abstract format – Provide a Word format document with 350 words, in English, following the model: Times new roman 11, Page A4, Margins: 3 cm left/right, and 2 cm up/down. Select to participate in oral presentation/poster/topic/ submit information enclosed in the abstract file.
Download the abstract model here: (CurTo-Abstract-Model_doc 2021-1) / (CurTo-Abstract-Model_pdf 2021-1)

For abstract submission: link 

*Authors will be informed until November 1st if the abstract is accepted or needs changes.


Video poster presentation:

After the acceptance of your abstract, you can start the preparation of the video poster. Each presenter is responsible for creating a video (up to 5 minutes, which cannot be exceeded), including introduction, aims, hypothesis, results, and conclusion (in Portuguese or English). The videos should be uploaded to YouTube as unlisted. For instructions on how to upload a video on YouTube, please see: Curto2021-how to upload a video to Youtube

Each presenter is also responsible for creating their meeting room on Google Meet for the video poster session, which will occur on November 11th, from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.  Participants will be able to enter your meeting to interact with you. In addition, two professors or members of the organizing committee will join the session to evaluate your work. The best posters will be recognized in the Closing Ceremony. For instructions on how to create a meeting on Google Meet, please see: Curto2021-Scheduling the poster session meeting

The title of the abstract, the YouTube link to the video poster, and the meeting URL (link for the poster session) should be sent to the organizing committee by November 8th, 2021 through the following link: Poster session information

A table with all the authors, abstracts, links to the video posters, and links to the live poster session will be available to all participants on the website on the day before the beginning and during the event. We advise the participants to watch the video posters in advance. The poster session will be reserved for questions, discussion, and interaction with the authors.


Abstracts selected for oral presentation:

The CurTo 2021 will have two sessions for oral presentations, including 4 selected students in each session. The oral presentations are 10 minutes, which cannot be exceeded, followed by 10 minutes of questions and discussion. Authors will be informed until November 1st, 2021, and more information will be provided after the abstract selection. The oral presentations can be performed in Portuguese or English and special certificates will be provided for the selected works. For some important tips and tricks to improve your presentation, please see: Curto2021-Tips and Tricks for presenting

Contact the Organizing Committee for more information: curto.bioquimica@gmail.com